Senioritis amidst quarantine

Tyler Rippie and his peers walking with a younger student on the first day of school. – Photo courtesy of Communications.

Is quarantine a death sentence for the motivation of the class of 2020? 

It has been a grueling year for the Sixth Formers in our community with heavy workloads, late nights, and college admissions answers. 

One of the few things that kept the class going was the idea of a warm second semester to spend final Haverford days with friends. Many a student was looking forward to events such as prom, college visits, spring break, and commencement. Now that these events have been taken away from the graduating year, how are students able to find the motivation to fend off “senioritis” anymore? 

For many students, senioritis began before we said goodbye to campus in mid-March. 

“Most staple events of senior year have been canceled”

Lleyton Winslow ’20

“Senioritis was starting to kick in before the corona situation started,” Sixth Former Lleyton Winslow said. “Now that I’m at home unable to see friends, college admissions came out, and most staple events of senior year that I was looking forward to having been canceled, I’m really starting to lose motivation fast.”

Some of Haverford’s class of 2020 cheering their peers on during EA week. – Photo courtesy of Communications.

Some Sixth Formers are wondering, “What’s the point?”

The students have their college decisions and do not have much more to look forward to this year. To make matters worse, it would seem that average Sixth Formers’ workload increased once the school moved to Virtual Haverford. 

“It seems like a lot of teachers are giving much more work than usual ever since we went virtual. It’s definitely making matters worse,” one frustrated student said.  

“I try to keep my head up.”

Tyler Rippie ’20

“It’s been very difficult to wrap my head around the current state of our academic year,” Sixth Former Tyler Rippie said. “I try to keep my head up.”