Sodexo staff stays optimistic

An empty red lot where maintenance trucks would usually be- Photo by Ben Murphy ’20

With Haverford’s doors closed for the time being, one question arises: what is happening with the crew that keeps this school running? 

     All year long the Sodexo team makes sure everything is in order so that students, teachers and faculty members are as successful as possible, but with the coronavirus outbreak recently, the maintenance and dining hall staff status has been in question. 

     “Some of the Sodexo maintenance team are still on site and working,” Dr. John Nagl said. 

     Per the Sodexo monthly report, thirteen employees on site currently provide services to the school and the faculty members that live on campus. Workers take precautionary measures every day to make sure that the crew still working remains as safe as possible. 

     Some workers not currently on site have been laid off.

     “The Sodexo team is doing well,” Ms. Kimberly Sprangers said. “They are currently collecting unemployment, with the hopes of temporary work assignments.” 

     Even if the school is not paying the Sodexo workers, they are still receiving some form of payment. A lot of their work is seasonal, like the dining staff, so they all have different jobs during the summer, and many are just starting that process a little earlier. Sodexo is also working to place them in some of their other sites.

     “Sodexo has relocated many of them to other sites that still have work like hospitals” said Dr. Nagl

     Sodexo is doing their best to make sure that the Haverford team is being taken care of, but everyone is facing tough times right now when it comes to a job standpoint. Helping the Haverford Sodexo crew find jobs is a tough task right now, but it seems to be going as good as possible. 

     Still, students worry about their well being.

“Sodexo and maintenance mean so much to me,”

Dante Perri ‘2

     “Sodexo and maintenance mean so much to me,” Sixth Former Dante Perri said. “They never fail to bring a warm and loving presence to campus.” 

     Everyone on the Sodexo team contributes to that warm and loving presence, but one name comes quickly to everyone’s mind, Ms. Erin Bryne. 

Erin Bryne working at her checkout station- Photo By Sebastian Bilash ’20

     Erin has been working on her art, learning Spanish, gardening, and exercising. Erin is trying to make the most out of this terrible situation, the same way she tried to make the most out of every day she came to work. 

     The whole Sodexo team has kept their spirits high during this unfortunate situation.

Author: Ben Murphy '20

Ben Murphy '20 is a student in the journalism seminar. He enjoys finding the opinions of the Haverford community and finding a way for everyone to hear them. In addition to writing, Murphy is a captain of the football team, a defenseman for the lacrosse team, and a member of the Character Mentorship Program.