Quarantine story: Dylan DiNubile’s true talent amidst lockdown

Dylan DiNubile skating through the streets – courtesy of Dylan DiNubile ’20

It is a warm Tuesday, 8:25 a.m. when, Dylan DiNubile, one of the school’s most talented Sixth Formers, wakes up for class. With just five minutes before an upper school assembly, he quickly makes his way to the kitchen to get some cereal to stay satiated throughout his morning. He has a long day ahead of him, but for the time being, he focuses on the task at hand, online school. With the workload increasing at a steady pace, school needs Dylan’s attention now more than ever. It is around noon when the abbreviated school day comes to an end. He winds down with his Xbox, making sure not to play for too long so he can focus on other things. 

It is around this time when he puts in his AirPods and turns up the music playing on his phone. Over the years, the music library in Dylan’s phone has grown with rhythms and vibes spanning eras and genres. Recently the sounds of the edgier bands like $uicideboy$ and Avenged Sevenfold have played repetitively as quarantine eats away at the remaining weeks of his school year. He starts his day after school by putting $uicideboy$ on shuffle. It’s familiar to the ears and helps Dylan get ready for the rest of the day. Many people find comfort in music, but few are passionate about the subject the way Dylan is. He has music playing all day to accompany whatever task that needs to be accomplished. 

Learning new things while listening to new music has always made practicing skateboarding easier to accomplish.

After about half an hour later, and usually no more, he shifts his focus to one of his greater passions, skateboarding. His goal is to learn something new. As he gets ready to go outside, $uicideboy$ fades away and is replaced by new and unfamiliar music. Learning new things while listening to new music has always made practicing skateboarding easier. Over the past few days, tricks such as tre flips had been mastered while he added new tricks such as hard flips, frontside flips, and hospital flips to his repertoire with the help of his new music. It’s still sunny when he leaves his house and takes his skateboard to the driveway. The ground is flat and smooth there, perfect for practicing flat ground boarding. Over years of practice, his talents have become quite well known, gaining attention amongst students and faculty alike. Many regard him as the best skater in school, but he still finds time to improve his skills.

Before heading back inside, Dylan calls up a long-time friend, alumnus Nick Parente. They spend the rest of the morning taking to the nature trails with their bikes. Those trails are one of the few things that have remained open during quarantine, and being able to do something he enjoys with a friend is an excellent way to stay active in these turbulent times. When they get to the trails, the light soaks through the green canopy above and bathes the dirt paths in a warm and inviting glow. The air has grown warmer as the sun finds its way further across the clear blue sky. Taking the time to bike through nature and catch up with a friend is refreshing after spending time indoors.

Dylan alongside his white Subaru – courtesy of Dylan DiNubile ’20

  When they finish conquering the paths that the nature trails have to offer, Dylan and Nick part ways, and he makes his way back to his home to focus on his other passions: cars and Making music. 

Its speed, sound, and handling make it a joy to drive around town.

Subarus are known for their speed and customizability and have a large fanbase. As an active member of that community, Dylan takes great pride in his modified Subaru WRX. Its speed, sound, and handling make it a joy to drive around town. As the skies begin to darken, he takes his car out to drive around town. It’s genuinely relaxing to drive as the wind blows through the windows as “City of Evil” by Avenged Sevenfold plays through his speakers. Springtime is known for not just its warm days but its frigid nights as well when the sun sinks below the horizon. When that chill creeps its way into the previously sunny day, it’s time to return home again.

Upon returning home, Dylan puts down his AirPods in exchange for his guitar and laptop. Like skating, Dylan’s guitar skills are well known. He’s proven himself in numerous talent shows and school dances, but he doesn’t plan on stopping there. He scans YouTube looking for any songs that pique his interest. When he finds a suitable song for his guitar, he listens to it until he is confident in his familiarity with the song. After learning the material, Dylan puts his skills to the test on his guitar, not stopping until satisfied with the music he creates. Learning new music can be tough, but with years of practice, the process gets easier to manage. 

Dylan getting ready to play his guitar – courtesy of Dylan DiNubile ’20

To bring his day to a close, Dylan gets ahead on any school work due in the near future. He has a hard time cramming, so he makes sure to be proactive and handle any work that he sees due in the next few days. With the last of his energy, he turns on some music to study with and gets ahead on his schedule.

It’s late when he finishes, but he’s prepared for the days to come.