Netflix’s Project Power is not worth your time

If I were to describe Project Power in one word, it would be “eh.” 

     This movie has been topping Netflix’s movie charts for quite some time. It centers around a pill that gives you five minutes of superpowers. The film follows a young student dealing with the drug, a cop who is tracking it down, and an ex-military man looking for his daughter. The plot is not realistic, but that is not what annoyed me about this film. 

     The everyday interactions had nothing to do with the pill and were incredibly fake and unrealistic. In one scene, the student’s teacher is yelling at her in class, showing everyone her grades, and telling her she will never be anything. 

     Something that many screenwriters seem to enjoy doing, for whatever reason, is creating a teacher who does not believe in the main character. And in Project Power, especially, it seemed to be fraudulent. The screenwriter also seemed to enjoy focusing on the fact that this young girl raps, something that adds little to the storyline and just makes you want to turn off the film. 

I couldn’t bring myself to enjoy it. 

Connor pinsk ’23

     The movie also takes the idea of the Men in Black characters and tries to tie them in, it just doesn’t work. The plot (aside from my early statements) is pretty good. Let me rephrase: it has potential, and might have worked out in a better film. The fight scenes were done well and many of the anticipation moments were strong. There were other good things about this movie, but I couldn’t bring myself to enjoy it. 

     The film doesn’t grab you and make you want to keep watching. The characters as a whole are not bad, but the character development is abysmal. 

     If you look up Project Power’s run time, it will tell you that it is one hour and fifty-four minutes. If it had been longer and the writers took their time with some scenes, I can see this movie being better. If you compare a movie like this to The Irishman, which was another Netflix original that stood at the top of their charts for a long time, then it is an awful film. The Irishman took its time with its scenes. There were real conversations, real character arcs. The Irishman doesn’t fly by, but you don’t want it to. Project Power does fly by, and I was glad. 

     So, why it is so popular? It’s in the top ten, so it can’t be bad, right? Wrong. Netflix forces its original TV shows, movies, and documentaries down viewers’ throats. They make them the only things that you see when you open the app. This does not mean that they are all bad, which they obviously are not (see The Irishman), but the company should get better at picking and choosing what they want to put out. Honestly, out of ten, I would probably give it a three and tell you to watch something else. 

Author: Connor Pinsk '23

Managing Editor Connor Pinsk joined The Index in the fall of 2019. He previously served as Neighborhood Editor.