Savona delights restaurant-goers

A plated Faroe Island salmon tartare appetizer served at Savona in Gulph Mills – Chase Shatzman ’24

After a couple of takeout meals, my family and I decided that it was eventually time to eat out. Our destination was Savona in Gulph Mills. We had heard from a friend of the brilliant food served there. 

     At first glance, it seemed as though the table was lovely and the ambiance was splendid. As the night went on, it came time to order. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that there was no outdoor seating as expected with a quarter-sized restaurant.

For my appetizer, I eventually set my eyes on a salmon tartare. This included avocado and homemade chips on the side which were bursting with flavor. The main star in the course certainly was the salmon, and though slimy, the taste was a perfect combination of sweet and savory, which included little salt. Nevertheless, the saltiness of the chips made up for it. The only concept missing was the lack of attention to detail when it came to the plating. With each piece of food that was included in the meal on one side, it almost resembled a buffet on my plate.

Savona’s combination of food and atmosphere is exquisite.

     For the main course I ordered the filet mignon that I had heard so much about from their website. This mouth-watering entre unquestionably matched up to the images online when it came to presentation, and the taste was something else! Each piece of the filet melted inside of my mouth and was filled with juicy flavor. Nonetheless, there was little seasoning on the steak, however sometimes when it comes to a meal, less is more, and that was the case here.

     Savona’s combination of food and atmosphere is exquisite.

If you ever have the chance to experience the beautiful restaurant that is Savona, it will be worth your while.