Paoli’s gem – Our Deli & Meats Restaurant

Our Deli and Meats’ exterior- Mitav Nayak ’22

An older gentleman sits wearing a red Phillies hat slightly ripped at the brim, a buttoned-down shirt with a blue-and-white pattern, and heavily worn white New Balance shoes. He licks his left index finger as he flips to the next page of The Philadelphia Inquirer. Bifocal glasses dangle from his nose and come close to tapping his day’s second cup of coffee. His eyes lift for only one thing—waitress Courtney gliding through the room she has navigated for over sixteen years to deliver his decaf coffee. Nothing is said, and the only sound heard over the crackling of eggs are conversations from the other booths as the hot coffee flows into the white mug.

     In between Glitter & Polish Nail Spa and NuPrint Solutions offices, lies a hidden gem in Paoli, Pennsylvania: Our Deli & Meats Restaurant. With a Dunkin Donuts only 100 feet away, and a Nudy’s Cafe within walking distance, one might ask, “Why would anyone want to eat at a place that only has eight parking spots?”

     Maybe the smells of fresh lunch meat, maybe the big cow out front, or possibly even the two tables outside—but the answer is quality. The quality of food, prices, and most importantly, the quality of people.

“It’s not glamorous, but it makes me happy.”


     “It’s not glamorous, but it makes me happy,” Courtney said. 

     “There are a lot of different people that make this place special,” Courtney added. “I just wish you could be here to interview Ed.”

     Ed Shanaughy was the co-owner of Our Deli & Meats and initially renovated the building over sixty years ago. Before working at Acme Markets for nineteen years, Ed spent his time in the Navy. After time at Acme and in the Navy, he decided to go to work with a long-time friend, Robert Lennen. 

     This was the birth of Our Deli & Meats.

     Employees miss the kindness and devotion that Ed brought to work but carry on his legacy nonetheless.

     Most customers are older folks, specifically older men. Some bring families, others bring grandchildren, some sit with friends, but all seem as though this is not their first visit.

     The top of the menu reads, “Nothing gets your day off to a better start than a delicious breakfast. And don’t forget we have the best coffee in Paoli.”