Margaret Kuo’s, a two-term cuisine

Ahi tuna and pork soup from Margaret Kuo’s in Wayne – Chase Shatzman ’24

A restaurant that has been there through the good and the bad times would have to be Margaret Kuo’s located in Wayne, PA. 

     There are two sides to the dining experience in this establishment, as it contains both aspects of Chinese and Japanese cuisine. 

     Originally I dined in the lower Chinese portion of the restaurant but throughout the pandemic have branched out to the upper floors of the Japanese side. Besides the main difference in the food, there was a difference in the ambiance of the two floors. The Chinese side was particularly beautiful and very well presented as opposed to the Japanese side which had a less appealing look to the scenery.    

Every piece of fish that I put into my mouth melted before I could even get the chance to swallow.

      However, the food made up for its outside look as the menu had every Japanese dinner item that you could imagine. After careful consideration, I ended up choosing ahi tuna as well as a generous portion of sushi for my main course. Every piece of fish that I put into my mouth melted before I could even get the chance to swallow. I would have to argue that these were some of the freshest pieces of fish I have ever had! Overall I would give the Japanese portion of this restaurant a 7.5/10 because although the food was quite remarkable, it was hard to enjoy it with the unappealing decor. 

     However, this restaurant did not stop there, as the Chinese portion of the restaurant was everything that you could imagine and more. On top of the fantastic scenery, the food was remarkable. The soup dumplings or “Xiaolongbao” made me feel as if I was in bed, wrapped in warm blankets. Inside the dumpling, there was a perfect ratio of the soup broth to pork, which made the flavor pop. Along with the soup dumplings, I also ordered the mandarin shrimp, which was not as visually appealing as the soup dumplings, but the seasoning was so spectacular that it would not have mattered if it was served on a paper plate.

     If you ever have the chance to come and visit Margaret Kuo’s, I would highly recommend that you first visit the lower floor Chinese side of the restaurant and work your way upstairs to the Japanese side. I would have to say bravo to Margaret Kuo’s and recommend that you come and taste it for yourself.