Lay the groundwork and seek new roles

2020-21 Editors-in-Chief Matthew Schwartz ’21, Agustin Aliaga ’21, and Tyler Zimmer ’21 – Ryan Rodack ’22

The adage April showers bring May flowers seems dated, but it applies directly to the transition Haverford students face during this time of year. Whether it be Honor Council, spring sports, or student led clubs, Sixth Formers are handing the baton off to younger students. For those younger students, the month of May can define the year to come. For the Sixth Formers, May is the time to choose the right peers to continue their legacy. 

We have noticed that Sixth Formers truly care about the students who will follow in their footsteps. For example, when we return to Haverford as alumni, we want to feel assured that the future editors-in-chief continue The Index standards. The same goes for sports captains, club presidents, and any elected position. But Sixth Formers’ time to find their role within the Haverford community has come and passed, so this message is to those hoping to take on leadership roles.

Being vulnerable is the most powerful way to incite change within yourself.

Put yourself out there, because that is the only way you can determine if a certain position is meant for you. The three of us, as Third Formers, thought that being an Index editor would be an exciting role to have. In three years, we have transitioned from hesitant Third Formers to confident Sixth Formers, and we attribute that transition to the role we applied for. 

Being vulnerable is the most powerful way to incite change within yourself, and applying for a position is a prime place to be vulnerable. You are putting yourself in a position for acceptance or rejection, and that can be hard. But if we can give you any advice, let it be this: apply for the role. If you are rejected and are worried about social shame, nobody will remember that. If you are accepted, it can be a gateway to opportunities you do not even know that exist. 

April has been one of those grind months where we see college students home from school, but we still have over a month to go. May brings flowers, representing change. Put yourself out there for a leadership position, because it not only helps you develop, but it also fuels the next generation of students to follow in your footsteps.