New Index staff commits to telling the whole story

2021-2022 Editors-in-Chief (clockwise from the left, Ryan Rodack ’22, Mitav Nayak ’22, Jeffrey Yang ’22)- Photo by Connor Pinsk ’23

As the school year fades, a new Index staff emerges with the promise to give the student body the information and recognition it deserves. We are committed to delving into the most engaging topics on campus and providing students with several perspectives on controversial situations. It is important that the student body sees multiple sides of contentious situations before coming to an educated conclusion. Our staff will work to conduct genuine, detailed interviews with people of different backgrounds to unlock a new perspective for our readers. 

     Although conflict and tension at school is something we are bound to cover, what brings us the most joy is sharing the success stories of those students who deserve it most—whether it is the athlete who worked hard all summer to earn a spot on the Water Polo team, the artist who spends every minute of his free time creating beautiful paintings, the student who spent years learning how to speak German, or even the once shy, reserved actor who emerges into a main cast member in one of our school shows. We will cover it all. 

     Additionally, we value the opinions of our students and vow to ensure that many voices are heard.  Whether it is something as light as the type of food that is served at lunch or a strong opinion about the school’s diversity, The Index is the place to voice your opinion. 

     So, when the fall comes and it is time for the September issue of The Index, think of something exciting you want to share with the student body. Stay in touch with your peers. Ask them what they are up to. Because when September comes, we want to share the trials, tribulations and successes of the student body so that we can reflect on the past and work towards a greater future. 

     Gentleman, enjoy your summer, stay safe, and we will see you in September!