Letter from the student body president

Mitav Nayak ’22

Dear Fords,

The dodgeball game, trivia, the talent show, the brisk fall weather—these are all signs that EA week is upon us.

This week is one of my favorites of the year. Walking through the halls, you can always feel the anticipation and excitement in the air. The athletes make final preparations; students prepare banners and artwork; teachers and faculty participate in competitions.

But this year, this excitement is particularly special.

The last time we had EA Day on Haverford soil was 2018, when the Sixth Formers were Third Formers. And because we missed last year, many of the athletes competing in EA Day are doing so for the first time. Underclassmen have never experienced EA Week in the upper school.

It has been two years since the sweater last graced our halls—two years too long. And over these two years, we have been hungrily awaiting the opportunity to bring the sweater home.

We all know that a major theme of this year was “back to normal:” back to events with crowds, back to the dining hall, and back to normal classes.

Still, one thing is most definitely not normal just yet: the outline of a sweater that hangs sadly outside Mr. Casertano’s office.

So, Fords, I urge you to bring us back to normal. Bring the sweater home.


Mitav Nayak

Author: Mitav Nayak '22

Mitav Nayak has contributed to The Index since 2018. He currently serves as Editor-in-Chief. Mitav won the fall 2019 Pennsylvania School Press Association (PSPA) Philadelphia-area Student Journalism Competition for Newspaper Sports Story Writing and was to compete for the state title in the spring of 2020 (canceled due to COVID).