Wrestling team embodies community

Billy Brosko ’23 puts Episcopal opponent in headlock, winter 2020 – Mr. Jim Roese

As winter break rapidly approaches and winter sports hit the ground running, wrestling steps into the spotlight with the promise of an intense season. After a limited 2020 season, the team is stronger than ever and excited to get back out onto the mats. 

“Our roster this year is the best that it’s ever been so far. We have good lower weights all the way to good upperweights,” Fifth Former Billy Brosko said. “We are looking good, we have a tough squad, and I think we will be able to compete at a high level in the Inter-Ac this year.”

With the 2021 season has come an influx in wrestlers from the underclassmen. Wrestlers such as Sixth Former Max Rosenberger are happy to see this spike in popularity. 

“We are a lot bigger this year, we have a lot of freshmen,” Rosenberger said. “As we bring those guys along, we are starting to look better and better.” 

With a larger group comes the necessity for leaders to step up and guide the team in the right direction. 

“The upperclassmen are leading the underclassmen. Everyone kinda knows each other, and we are all scrapping together. It’s pretty good,” Rosenberger said.

Head Coach Mr. Jesse Sataloff firmly believes in the importance of team leadership. 

“Bill Brosko is one of our mentors to the young wrestlers,” Mr. Sataloff said. “He works with them, helps them out. He is a leader by taking guys under his wing and helping them learn about the sport, all while also welcoming them to the wrestling family.” 

The bonds and relationships that are created through teamwork and strife are part of what make sports like wrestling so great. 

“Wrestling is the toughest thing you can do at this school physically, mentally, and emotionally,” Mr. Sataloff said. “It’s a grind and a challenge and you can’t survive without being a family.”

Despite the gain of lowerclassmen, there are a limited number of Sixth Formers on the squad.

They get out there and work their butts off every single day, and the young guys look up to them and say ‘that’s someone I want to be like in terms of the work ethic in the room

Mr. Jesse Sataloff

“There are only about three of us seniors, so it’s kinda tough,” Rosenberger said. “It’s really great that some of the juniors have stepped up and helped out.” 

Certain Fifth Formers have some of the most experience on the team, so their contributions are vital. 

“There are [Fifth Formers] like Jack Campbell and Jay McDonnell who lead by example,” Mr. Sataloff said. “They get out there and work their butts off every single day, and the young guys look up to them and say ‘that’s someone I want to be like in terms of the work ethic in the room.’” 

The wrestling team is pulling together as one ready to kick off their season. After an impressive showing on December 10 at Pottstown Invitational, the Fords now have marked their calendars for an upcoming meet against Episcopal. 

“Battling with EA will probably be the best match of the year, which will be on February 4 at 6 p.m.,” Mr. Sataloff said. “It will be on Senior night. If we can get as many guys out there as possible, it will be an amazing atmosphere and a great time to see what our guys have accomplished through the season and built to.” 

The wrestling team is ready to win, surrounded by Fords, prepared to echo the importance of being a family as they crush the opposition.

“What I tell [the wrestling team] all the time,” Mr. Sataloff said, “is that you walk out of this experience with people you know that you can be connected with for the rest of your life in a deeper way than brotherhood.”

Author: Connor Pinsk '23

Managing Editor Connor Pinsk joined The Index in the fall of 2019. He previously served as Neighborhood Editor.