Choose your new year’s resolution wisely

As winter breaks inches closer and 2021 concludes, we encourage you all to make (and keep) a new year’s resolution. The common stereotype associated with new year’s resolutions is failure. So, how should we go about achieving our new year’s resolution?

Your resolution should be specific and clear-cut. Instead of saying, ‘I want to spend more time with my family,’ you should address how you are going to achieve that goal. For example, ‘I’m going to spend more time with my family by eating dinner with them every Sunday night.’

Your resolution should also be relevant. It should be a goal that you care about and would make a positive difference in your life if you were to achieve it. Some of the common new year’s resolutions include spending more time on homework, getting organized, losing weight, and exercising more. While those are all relevant and attainable goals, there are some school specific goals that we encourage you all to consider. 

In a poll with more than 135 responses sent to upper school students on December 12, almost 75% of students revealed that they have not participated in or attended a service board event this year. We understand that you are all busy, but consider carving out some time from your schedule in 2022 to help improve the lives of others. Participating in service learning will improve your quality of life as it will hopefully bring you joy to help others. 

Another new year’s resolution that we encourage you to think about is supporting our Fords at sporting events. While it is great that we fill the student section at basketball games on Friday nights, consider cheering on our highly ranked squash team, the revamped ice hockey team, our fierce wrestling team, or our talented swimmers and divers. 

Gentleman, enjoy the break, stay safe, and take some time to consider this: What will your new year’s resolution be?

Author: Index Staff

The Index is a student-run publication of The Haverford School that does more than bring news: it provides the diverse perspectives of the Haverford student body. The Index provides an outlet for student journalists and opinion writers. It chronicles the daily struggles and accomplishments of the Haverford community, provides a forum for discussion of pertinent issues, and aspires to influence constructive change.