Letter from the student body president

Luka Sekulic ’23

As the first month of the school year ended, we are back to managing our academics, extracurricular activities, and finding time for ourselves. Every year, the first-month speeds by for me, and afterward the year starts to slow down because I have found a rhythm for my classes, sports, and other activities. As the year slows down, I start thinking that I have all of the time in the world to go to clubs, do my homework, and just want to find as many ways as possible to procrastinate.

It is difficult to stay in touch with how much time we have until the first semester ends. As the next few months go on, the school year might feel slow for a lot of us. The key to our collective success will be to stay focused as the year progresses. If we start slipping in one field, it will carry into other aspects of our lives. For example, if you have extracurricular activities after school, finishing your homework during your free period instead of waiting to come home tired after practice will take some stress off of your plate. If we do not manage our time wisely, our school spirit and brotherhood will start to fade away as well. By procrastinating, you will find yourself with long nights of homework and studying; and although you might be successful for a few weeks, the stress and lack of sleep will eventually get to you. You might find yourself starting to miss out on attendance cup events where our community comes together outside of school hours to demonstrate support to our brothers on the stages and the fields. 

So far the student body has been excellent with attendance at sporting events, club meetings, and other community events such as upper school assemblies. The expectation is to continue being there for each other, reaching out for help, and staying on top of your school work. Keep working on your integrity day by day and LIVE THE H. GO FORDS!