The Archimedes Association feels confident, eyes EA

Students work at an Archimedes Association meeting, October 7, 2022 – Pierce Laveran ’24

The Fords not only like to beat rival Episcopal Academy (EA) in sports, but in math as well. The Archimedes Association, casually known as Math Club, participates in multiple math-related competitions throughout the year, like the Philly Math League. Led by Sixth Formers Colin Kelly, Nate Mirin, Jingyuan Chen, and Ethan Chan, the club takes on schools every Friday morning in an eight-question format with problems ranging from geometry to number theory. 

Last year, the Archimedes Association performed strongly when EA hosted the Philly Math League’s final fall event. 

“We did very well. We came in third place,” Kelly said. “There were probably around ten to sixteen schools there.” 

The group’s third-place finish came after their only loss: a tie-breaker against George School, who went on to win the event. 

[Our goals are] to be the best! Why would we shoot for anything less than the best?

Nate Mirin ’23

“Both our team and George School got every question right, but George School did it quicker because they had three times as many people working on it. So that was a frustrating loss,” Kelly said.

Going into this year, the Sixth Form leaders are determined to perform even better than they did at EA.

“[Our goals are] to be the best! Why would we shoot for anything less than the best?” Mirin said.

Both Mirin and Kelly note a promising number of leaders who have the potential to perform well. 

“We have a massive group of seniors that are all very committed, very interested, and very excited to compete,” Kelly said. “We totally have a good shot of winning the final tournament.”

Kelly is confident and determined to win this year—his final of four consecutive years in Math Club. When asked if he was worried about the Episcopal Academy’s math team, his one-word response was plenty: “Who?”