Join clubs

2022-23 Editors-in-Chief (from left) Joey Kauffman ’23, Jingyuan Chen ’23, and Connor Pinsk ’23 – Mr. Thomas Stambaugh

Turnout to clubs significantly increased after the Club Video Assembly. Third Former interests brought in fresh blood to extracurriculars at Haverford. Underclassmen are trying out clubs; upperclassmen are founding new clubs. The Index encourages the community to continue this momentum with greater passion and vigor.

As a Third Former, you may be hesitating about what and how many clubs to join. Our advice: try out every club that somewhat sparked your interest. These invested hours will not be a waste despite the results. They encourage your further integration with the upper school community.

As a Six Former, you may be balancing schoolwork, athletics, college application, and commitment to clubs. Don’t see this as a trade-off between the four. Managing your own time is not a zero-sum game. Your hours spent in clubs complement your performance in other tasks. Every positive experience is mutually beneficial. 

Among the upperclassmen of Haverford, we often see student leaders in charge of multiple extracurriculars. An editor-in-chief for Pegasus is also a captain of the Speech & Debate Team and the president of the Classics & Poetry Club; a captain of the Math Club also manages Haverford’s STEM journal, Newton’s Notebook; The #1 Varsity on the Tennis Team also runs a non-profit for children with special needs… 

These upperclassmen demonstrate a quality intrinsic to the legacy of Haverford leaders over generations: the Haverford culture encourages aspiring students to take leadership roles in multiple fields of extracurriculars. More experience and learning shape a superior intellect. With this mindset, Haverford builds students to become modern Renaissance Men.