Golf channels support to beat EA

Fords Golf beat EA 141-154 on Thursday, November 10 – Communications

The golf team will tee off against EA at Aronimink Golf Club in Newtown Square on November 11 at noon. The team knows that golf will be one of the closest competitions out of all of the sports. They also know that they are more than capable of winning.

“Our guys have steadily improved throughout the season and understand that it will take their absolute best performance to win,” varsity coach Mr. Andrew Franz said.

Every member of the team has put a great deal of effort into this season, and the team is ready to win their matches and get the school one step closer to keeping that sweater hanging with the head’s portraits on Wilson Hall’s first floor. 

Performing well in such a precise sport with a large crowd standing over you is difficult, especially when it’s the biggest crowd of the season. 

“No matter who you are, the nerves on EA Day are unlike any other round you will play,” Sixth Former Team Captain Henry Gowen said.

The team is aware that this is their biggest moment of the year, but they refuse to let anxiety get in their way. 

“I tell them to accept their nerves, because accepting your nerves is the key to becoming less nervous,” Gowen said.

No matter who you are, the nerves on EA Day are unlike any other round you will play.

Henry gowen ’23

The captains and coaches know that it will take everyone playing their absolute best in order to win against EA. They feel a personal responsibility to make sure every member is calm and ready to play.

The team also knows that support will be the key. The theme of support runs through every player’s veins and will be what separates them from EA.

EA Day will be an intense competition this year, and winning golf is the key to the Fords’ victory. Through staying composed and supporting each other as brothers, the team is confident in their ability to succeed.

“We’re going to have to grind it out and support each other,” Sixth Form captain Ben Bodle said.