Student band rocks semi-formal

The rock band rehearses in the amphitheater on a sunny afternoon – Courtesy of Colin Kelly

It’s hard to imagine that any group of people could take attention away from the Phillies’ game two of the World Series. But all eyes were on the Haverford School Rock Band as they took the stage at the semi-formal on October 29. Performers Colin Kelly ’23, Brendan Touey ’23, Matthew Jones ’24, Anthony Valentino ’24, and William Burfiend ’24, kicked things off old school with ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man.” 

The band has been working on “Sharp Dressed Man” for a long time. This song featured a jaw-dropping guitar solo from Valentino, who had been working hard on his solo.

The band continued their performance with the iconic “Mr. Brightside.” Unlike “Sharp Dressed Man,” the band was not as familiar with the song, as they learned it in the week leading up to the semi-formal. The band thought it would be well-known by the students—it is frequently played at school dances. The crowd sang along word-for-word. 

The crowd then demanded just one more song. The band decided on “Sunshine Of Your Love” by Cream. However, because the band did not anticipate playing this song, only one guitar was available, and the song required two guitars. In addition, the keyboard was not needed in this song, so keyboardist Matthew Jones had to improvise on the keyboard. Once again, the band was able to overcome this adversity.

“That’s what I love about this group, because we spend so much time together, we can learn as we go.”

COlin Kelly ’23

“That’s what I love about this group, because we spend so much time together, we can learn as we go,” Kelly said.

The band still has many performances coming up. They will perform in the EA Week talent show and many more times throughout the academic year.

“We all definitely had a lot of fun playing,” Valentino said. “Everyone can look forward to more performances very soon.”