Patient learning

2022-23 Editors-in-Chief (from left) Joey Kauffman ’23, Connor Pinsk ’23, and Jingyuan Chen ’23 – Mr. Thomas Stambaugh

It’s easy to get dizzy around this time of the year. 

The World Cup, Kanye West, Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition, and protests in China and Iran brought domestic and foreign news to the school  community, prompting excitement and agitation. Meantime, students re-adjust from Thanksgiving moods just to get ready for the forthcoming Winter Break, while Sixth Formers, in particular, prepare for a nervous week as they react to early college decisions. 

December was messy. 2022 was a recovery from 2021, but still messy. The coming new year bears uncertainties with lingering questions and stirrings of greater turbulence. With whatever has happened and wherever we are heading, we just can’t seem to find peace. It is during times such as these that we should ask ourselves: How have we been paying attention to the daily scenes of our local communities? How have we been doing at school? 

There’s reassuring weight in the pages of history and culture.

Feeling irritation and distress, we may find strengths in patient learning. There’s reassuring weight in the pages of history and culture; there’s comforting rationality in the formulas of math and natural science. We may also find peace in community bonding. There’s soothing familiarity in daily conversations with our peers; there’s subtle orderliness in the club that meets every Thursday night.

In cultivating personal growth, we may face the world and its uncertainties with good grace and composure.