Squash team feeling untouchable after victory over Brunswick

Squash players practice on December 12, 2022

On December 3, the squash team defeated their long-time rivals from The Brunswick School in an electrifying 4-3 victory, setting the team off on the right foot for their winter season. 

The team has consistently been near the top of the playing field for years. Between bringing Inter-Ac Championships home, making their way up into the finals, and even winning the National Championship, they are a huge threat. 

The squash team is almost always training six days a week, working through a variety of drills, conditioning, and matchplay to hone their skills. 

The team’s victory over Brunswick, one of the top teams in the nation, is no small matter. 

The team has set many goals for the season. Coach Alex Stait believes that, although there are challenges ahead, anything is possible. 

“Our number one goal is to win the Inter-Ac. Episcopal Academy is looking quite strong this year, and it’s going to be a tough game for us. Secondly, getting as far as we can at nationals. We’ve beaten the number-two seed [Brunswick] here. Our goal is to make at least the semi-finals, if not win the whole thing,” Coach Stait said. 

Squash matches are usually pretty stressful.

Devon li ’25

He is adamant that success comes from the players, not from the coach. 

“I don’t think that success really has anything to do with the coach,” Coach Stait said. “I think the thing I can control is the way we behave off the court.”

School squash matches are fairly simple: both schools bring seven players each, who are ranked from one to seven based on their skill level. Each school’s number-one seed will play and the rest will follow suit. Each match win counts as a point for the winner’s team. The team that has more points by the end of the matches is declared the winner, even if three members of their team lost. 

Fourth Former Devon Li, who prevailed over his Brunswick counterpart in a 3-2 victory, believes the team’s key to success lies within their consistent practice schedule. 

Coach Alex Stait speaks to the team before playing Brunswick, December 3, 2022 – Courtesy of Drew Glaser ’24

“A good warmup keeps our players from getting injured, following up with easy hitting and then getting into more intense drills keeps the team sharp and ready,” Li said.  

Sixth Former Matthew Kang attributes part of their victory to the large number of students who came to watch the match. 

“Fifty guys in jorts and [tanktops] cheering every single second that they were there was just a great feeling,” Kang said. “It really makes us want to play for them and bring the national championship home.”

Li agrees, saying that the constant cheering made the match much more enjoyable. 

“Squash matches are usually pretty stressful. You feel like you want to throw up every single time, but this time there was a much better feeling on the court,” Li said.  

Both believe that the most important part of each practice is the last five minutes. 

“Every practice we end with five minutes of core. Our goal is to have six packs by the end of the year,” Kang said.