Mr. Mastronardi’s insights, one semester in

Mr. Matt Mastronardi – Pierce Laveran ’24

Music teacher Mr. Matt Mastronardi accepted many responsibilities after joining the school’s faculty in September. On top of teaching classes, he has been the director of the Notables and the Glee Club for the last four months. This is just one of many factors that made his experience as a new teacher different from the experience of others taking on a similar role. Another factor is that he accepted the job on short notice. 

“I didn’t have much framework to jump into other than, you know, just the description of the course,” Mr. Mastronardi said. 

Despite the tough circumstances that surrounded the start of his teaching career at Haverford, Mr. Mastronardi has taken on his new roles with enthusiasm and expertise. He brings a musical theater background to the classroom, with experience as an actor in Philadelphia, a teacher at multiple theaters, and a music director for numerous productions. Additionally, he has worked on the spring musicals at Haverford since 2017, so he is not a newcomer to the community.  Throughout the first semester, it has been Mr. Mastronardi’s goal to find his own identity as a teacher and bring his unique perspective to his lessons.

“[I have been] shaping the classes to what are my strengths, what I can give the students,” Mr. Mastronardi said. “Knowing what worked for me, how can I share that and help build that sense of confidence in the students?”

Based on these principles, Mr. Mastronardi has been planning classes as well as handling rehearsals for the Notables and the Glee Club every day. He feels like he is getting the hang of time management and the many other obligations that come with being a teacher. 

“I learned a lot from the first semester. It’s been an adjustment for sure, but I definitely feel like I’m starting to get the flow.”

Mr. Matt mastronardi

“I learned a lot from the first semester,” Mr. Mastronardi said. “It’s been an adjustment for sure, but I definitely feel like I’m starting to get the flow, and it’s starting to become a little easier to plan for everything.”

Mr. Mastronardi is excited to have a strong foundation for his future classes. He knows what to expect of the students and the material he is teaching. With ample time on his hands this summer, Mr. Mastronardi has an optimistic outlook on what is to come. 

“I’m looking forward to having this summer to plan,” Mr. Mastronardi said. “Even being in the second semester I feel I have a lot more plans than I had first semester, so I’m a little more settled and I know where to find the resources faster than before.”