George Santos: elected, but at what cost?

George Santos, one of the first openly gay Republican representatives, might be the most interesting person to ever grace the American political system. 

It is shocking that someone with such an unusual background would ever think to run for a representative position, throwing him into the public limelight. 

According to Santos, his mother was deeply affected by the 9/11 attacks, stating that she was in her office when they happened, and the main reason why he was running was because he wanted to give back. When Santos was elected, it seemed as though he was an extremely intelligent individual. He stated that he graduated from Baruch College, and earned an MBA from NYU, eventually working for the prestigious investment banking company Goldman Sachs. Santos also claimed to be a man of the people, starting a foundation that saved 2,500 dogs and cats from 2013 to 2018. 

Well, every single thing in the previous paragraph was a lie. Santos never went to college, never started a foundation, never worked for Goldman Sachs, and his mother was living in Brazil when the 9/11 attacks happened. Lying about where you go to school is one of the stupidest things you could do, because all schools keep records of every student to pass through them. Why would someone who lives a lie, and has virtually no qualifications want to run for Congress? 

Representative Santos could possibly be the world’s biggest narcissist.

Representative Santos could possibly be the world’s biggest narcissist. It is one thing to lie, and then it is another to believe your own lie, even when it has been disproven multiple times. Transparency is a given when becoming a politician, and it is just mind blowing that someone who lied so much would be willing to get “found out” so easily. This speaks volumes about the political system: why aren’t background checks taken seriously? How can people gain influence so quickly?

Personally, my favorite George Santos moment was when he lied about his religion, stating that he was Jewish on multiple occasions. He later stated that he was Catholic, not Jewish but “jew-ish.” 

We can look back on his election in horror, but in reality, who is having the last laugh? Santos was able to successfully dupe the entirety of his New York district. Lying, cheating and scamming are all easy ways to get to the top, but now he has lost all his credibility, respect, and honor. Honor and character are two things that cannot be restored once broken. Let’s all take a page out of Santos’s book, and don’t embellish your resume!