Letter from the student body president

Luka Sekulic ’23

I had an opportunity to visit some of my freshmen and sophomore year teachers and catch up on life and how their year is going. Students and faculty members, both have shown enthusiasm and dedication towards their academic and athletic goals. The atmosphere on campus is filled with positivity and a drive to succeed. We have collectively demonstrated that we are all a group of leaders, welded by our integrity, grit, and compassion.

With the second semester around, however, a lot of students will start to get tired of doing the same stuff over again; attendance will start to plummet , and tardies will start to drive up. 

My recommendation to you all is to understand that we cannot treat the next four months as they are May. If you treat the next four months like the end of this school year is tomorrow, you will fall on a train that leads you to failure, stress, anxiety, and you will make poor decisions that will have consequences.

It is crucial to stay self disciplined and motivate yourself to push through the next four months. 

One of my coaches once told me that “You have to be there, in order to be there.”

While this sounds like a stupid quote it has a lot of meaning to it. In order to bring value, to succeed, you have to not only physically show up, but mentally be present and in the moment. Do what you have to do to succeed. 

The final stretch of the year can often be the most demanding, but it is also the most crucial.

Luka Sekulic ’23

We have overcome many challenges already this year, but we cannot afford to become complacent now. The final stretch of the year can often be the most demanding, but it is also the most crucial. It is a time when we must push ourselves to achieve our goals, and perhaps even exceed our own expectations.

With the right mindset and the continued support of our community, we can make the most of these final months and finish the year on a strong note.