Spring Crew hits the water in full force

With the spring season returning, members of the crew team are beginning to dip their oars back into the water. The expectations are high, coming off of the Varsity Quad’s win at Nationals last year

The team hopes to continue its success, and Head Coach Jonathan Stephanik believes that glory is more than attainable. 

“I feel really positive about the group we have this spring,” Coach Stephanik said. “We have a strong core of sophomores and juniors that provide depth that we have not seen in several years. It will be a hard task to fill the shoes of some of the seniors from the previous year, but this spring I feel as though the team can be very successful.” 

As the rowers get back in their grooves, they can assess where they stand currently and what they can improve upon. “The first Manny Flick is always exciting because we finally get to race again after a long winter and see how we match up against some of the local teams,” Coach Stephanik said. 

This excitement is echoed by many team members. 

“I’m looking forward to the upcoming races and regattas, and I enjoy head-to-head competition,” Fourth Former Pat Cohen said. 

Fourth Former Noah Kanefsky shared similar thoughts, stating, “There’s a lot to look forward to this upcoming season. We have an opportunity to compete against other schools in our area at a completely even playing field since most are scholastic races.”

Sixth Form Captain Connor Rall believes strongly in his duty to serve the team well. 

“It’s my responsibility to establish a strong connection with the entire team, ensuring that everyone feels valued and included. I achieve this by regularly interacting with all team members, particularly those who are new,” Rall said. “Effective communication and creating an open and supportive environment are crucial to building positive relationships and promoting collaboration.” 

The squad is focused not just on winning races, but also on forming strong bonds and encouraging team members to collaborate.

With many competitions looming, grueling work must be put in by the team to achieve the results they want. Most days, members are found training hard at the Conshohocken Rowing Center, if not out on the water.

 “Rowing is a tough sport—both mentally and physically,” Coach Stephanik said. “No other sport requires four or eight guys doing the exact same thing at the same time—going all out—for long periods of time. Any error or mishap by one person will slow down or affect the speed of the boat and could cost them the race.” 

The crew team is gearing up for another thrilling spring season, with high aspirations of bringing home gold at the Championship events in May. The squad is focused not just on winning races, but also on forming strong bonds and encouraging team members to collaborate. As this season unfolds, we can expect to witness some exciting races and amazing accomplishments from the crew team.

Even though the sport requires a lot of labor, it is satisfying when everything clicks and the hard work pays off. 

“There is no better feeling than everyone doing everything right, in sequence, all together, and winning,” Coach Stephanik said. “No better feeling.”