Parking grows even more limited

A four-hour parking sign on one side of Old Lancaster Road – Pierce Laveran ’24

At Haverford, the number of student drivers continues to increase, and only a portion of the Sixth Form can park on campus. The area around the school is mainly residential with some commercial areas around further down Lancaster Avenue. 

While Haverford does provide parking for some Sixth Formers, the school still doesn’t solve the problem for Fourth and Fifth Form drivers. 

As a result, students park in and around the various commercial parking areas such as the Main Line Art Center, which charges students $100 a month to park in their lot. Students also park on Buck Lane, Booth Lane, and at the Haverford train station. Recently, a new space has opened up: all along Old Lancaster Road, right off Booth Lane, offers four-hour parking.

“I’ve gotten [about] three tickets since February 26th.”

Reily Hope ’25

“Usually the parking situation is fine. A lot of kids don’t pull up their cars and leave a lot of space, but there are usually plenty of spots as long as you get to school at like 8:20,” Fifth Former Ben McComb, who parks on Panmure Road, next to Eagle Field, said. 

Considering how the school could add more parking spaces for Fourth and Fifth Formers, McComb said, “I don’t think there’s that much of a need for more student parking spaces but it would be nice.” 

This new addition has certainly opened up new opportunities for these students to get as close to school as possible in the mornings. Fourth Former Reily Hope currently parks at Old Lancaster in the mornings, taking advantage of the free two-hour parking, then later moves his car to Booth Lane during lunch. However, while having to move his car, he’s run into some difficulties.

“It’s kind of annoying having to move, and I’ve gotten [about] three tickets since February 26th,” he said. 

Other members of the community express more frustration with the parking situation on campus. 

“The parking on campus is kind of ridiculous,” Sixth Former Johnny Herd said. “I know we don’t currently have the room for more spots on campus, but the administration should try and do more to dedicate spaces for student parking.” 

Another issue constantly arises for Sixth Formers: their assigned spots being taken. 

“My spot and my friends’ spots have been taken all the time,” Herd said. “Not usually by other students but by parents and visitors. I think if the red lot were more clearly labeled as being student parking, it would help.” 

The current question to students now is whether the school does anything about parking or not. This question likely will not be answered with the current amount of space the school has. The question now should be, will there be parking provided at the new campus at Roberts Road for members of the Fifth, Fourth, and maybe even Third Forms?