Starting on a Wednesday provides a gentle return to the school year

As evening falls earlier each day, the Phillies begin their push for the playoffs, and students finish the last of their summer assignments, the faculty begin to prepare their classrooms for the wave of students who will arrive in the coming week. 

For these students, the return to class produces anxiety: a new school year means new teachers, a heightened workload, and an abrupt halt to summer freedom, sleep, and casual clothing. 

While the first weeks of school are always jolting, starting on a Wednesday minimizes the shock. As the first day of class consists of meeting teachers, reading syllabi, and familiarizing oneself with one’s schedule, only two real days of typical classes take place during the first week. Students are gently reminded of what student life is like before being sent home for the weekend. 

While one may argue that beginning on a Wednesday can lead to students feeling disoriented—as the school week typically begins on a Monday—this small inconvenience is relative to the undisputed benefits that beginning classes on a Wednesday bring. 

Students are adaptive, and, for the majority, this disorientation is minor if present at all. 

Fourth Former Colin Toth enjoys the Wednesday start. 

“It helps us get back into the swing of things after a long summer,” Toth said. “We don’t have to push through a long week of classes, but are instead eased back into the school routine.” 

Many students share Toth’s opinion.

“Although students enjoy frequent criticism of the school’s administrative decisions,” Sixth Former Preston Wu said, “beginning school on a Wednesday is both a practical and stress-alleviating approach, as well as a cherished tradition.”