Consistency amid transition

2019-20 Editorial Board – seated, l to r, Editors-in-Chief Toby Ma ’20, Ryan LaRocca ’20, and Yan Graf ’20 – standing l to r, Managing Editors Daniel Chow ’20, Tyler Zimmer ’21, and Matthew Schwartz ’21 – missing Design Editor Obaida Elamin

With different sectors of its community living completely different lives, Haverford lies in a state of transition. For every Sixth Formers accepted into college, three more frantically await notification from the schools of their choice. Meanwhile, Fifth Formers anticipate the first wave of exams in such a significant year; Fourth Formers remain in a period of adjustment to Haverford’s exam schedule; and Third Formers prepare for their first of eight sets of semester exams. But, after all, we are all Fords.

     In a few weeks time, the Haverford community enters its longest vacation period of the year. Some Fords will relax on Florida’s warm beaches; others might traverse the streets of Italy. And many will remain in the Philadelphia area, playing videos games, sleeping, or maybe even participating in grueling winter sports workouts. But that does not change the fact that, in the present, we all walk the same halls. We sit in the same classrooms. And we all represent the Maroon and Gold.

     This reality will hold true into the new year. As Polonius said to Laertes, “to thine own self be true,” Fords. For the next few weeks be honorable gentlemen, and facilitate such behavior into 2020.

No matter where you might find yourself, such behavior should make you proud to be a Ford.

     And remember, people are watching. Comport yourselves like the gentlemen you know yourselves to be. Do so in the same way you did just a month ago over in Newtown Square. In short, be Haverford gentlemen. No matter where you might find yourself, such behavior should make you proud to be a Ford.