Students with school-related extracurriculars deserve extentions

Quinn Luong ’22

In the midst of stress coming from honor classes and commitments to extracurriculars, the faculty is torn whether or not to give extensions of missed work to students like me. 

     As a student who participates in Model UN, Diversity Alliance, and Speech & Debate, I am often faced with the battle of handling assignments and missed assessments because of the many weekend-long competitions and events I attend. 

      Similar to many other students who participate in sports, my commitment requires a lot of one’s time. Although many may argue one must limit the number of commitments to extracurriculars, I and many others enjoy taking advantage of the opportunities many clubs and sports offer. 

     To combat the excess amount of people requesting extensions, the math department implemented a policy in which students who participate in school-related activities cannot receive extensions at all. 

     This policy infuriates many students, as they believe the faculty is taking measures and means to limit the number of students involved with the school community and its opportunities. 

     Many faculty members argue that academics should be prioritized first and recognize many of these students who ask for extensions are students who are intensely involved with numerous activities. 

The stress comes when one has to turn in an assignment with almost no possible time to do it.

     Are extensions fair to the students who have to turn in assignments or take an assessment earlier? 

     For me, experiencing these extracurricular opportunities are much more valuable than missing an assignment, but the stress comes when one has to turn in an assignment with almost no possible time to do it.

Author: Quinn Luong '22

Quinn Luong has contributed to The Index since 2019. He currently serves as News Editor, and he has also written features and campus opinions. Quinn won the Pennsylvania School Press Association (PSPA) Philadelphia-area Student Journalism Competition for Newspaper News Story Writing and will compete for the state title in the Spring of 2020. His article "Teachers prepare for Virtue Villagers" earned a Silver Key from the Philadelphia-area Scholastic Writing competition. Outside of The Index, Quinn is a member of the Diversity Alliance, the Pan-Asian Alliance, debate and speech, and Model UN. His favorite classes are English, Spanish, and Chinese.