Mr. Louie Brown returns to his roots

Mr. Louie Brown holding kale plants he grew from seed, Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand, May 2020 – Rhiannon Walker

From being a “superlifer” of Haverford’s Class of 2015 to having an affinity for the art of storytelling, Mr. Louie Brown returns to his alma mater with a passionate backstory that he hopes will give the students in his history and English classes the best experience possible.

     Mr. Brown has worked with students for most of his career, whether that be in the classroom or at summer camp. 

     After attending Haverford since pre-kindergarten, Mr. Brown returns to campus excited to emit the same amount of enthusiasm he received from his own teachers. 

     “By the time I reached the upper school, I made some strong relationships with my closest teachers at Haverford,” Mr. Brown said. “I had great role models who invigorated the zeal that I want to likewise translate to my students now.” 

     Mr. Brown worked as a teaching assistant at various schools. These schools ranged from schools in Boston to even Mr. Stambaugh’s English IV class. Not far into his time as a teaching assistant, he felt a connection to Haverford and knew his fate was teaching here. 

Mr. Louie Brown (left) interviewed by News Editor Quinn Luong ’22 – Quinn Luong ’22

     “The most exciting thing for me is to be back in a community of young students apart of a wide variety of different skill sets,” Mr. Brown said. “When I was a student at Haverford, you can tell the community is exceptionally good at recognizing each individual student’s talents.” 

    Mr. Brown cannot wait to begin working with students, not only in their schoolwork, but also in helping them decide their careers and futures.

    “As we grow up, we transition and live different lives in what seems like parallel universes,” Mr. Brown said. “It is rewarding to educate the youth, as they are the ones shaping the world as we know it.”

“We need to prove ourselves and to our community that we care about each other’s presence and thoughts.”

Mr. Louie Brown

    While he faces the challenge of teaching both history and English classes, he is passionate about the interconnectedness of both subjects. 

    “There is so much emotion and individuality in literature, whereas history complements the facts, data, and timelines to give a greater understanding of how life began,” Mr. Brown said. 

    While he may be six feet apart from his students, he acknowledges that in these times, we have to be empathetic towards one another. 

    “Especially during tough challenges right now,” Mr. Brown said, “we need to prove ourselves and to our community that we care about each other’s presence and thoughts.”

Author: Quinn Luong '22

Quinn Luong has contributed to The Index since 2019. He currently serves as News Editor, and he has also written features and campus opinions. Quinn won the Pennsylvania School Press Association (PSPA) Philadelphia-area Student Journalism Competition for Newspaper News Story Writing and will compete for the state title in the Spring of 2020. His article "Teachers prepare for Virtue Villagers" earned a Silver Key from the Philadelphia-area Scholastic Writing competition. Outside of The Index, Quinn is a member of the Diversity Alliance, the Pan-Asian Alliance, debate and speech, and Model UN. His favorite classes are English, Spanish, and Chinese.