Water polo: restless and ready for EA showdown

Luke Putter ’24 strikes in last year’s 18-8 win over EA – Communications

Ahead of their showdown against EA, water polo is churning up water in competition. This past weekend, the team took home the trophy at the Easterns Prep Water Polo Championship—the first time they’ve done so since returning from the pandemic.

Their recent performances guide the team’s motivation for their contest against EA. Team captain Luke Fesnak relishes in their season as roadwork to their upcoming performance. The power they exhibit in the pool is unparalleled by any team in the Inter-Ac. 

“[EA Day has] shown how far the program has come. There was a point at which EA was pretty comparable with Haverford.,” Fesnak said. Now, Fesnak and the team have confidence they can strike big against EA.

Fesnak, currently in his third year on varsity, is enthusiastic about the coming showdown, hopeful to cement his team’s reputation.

The team looks on in anticipation of Saturday morning, setting spirits and goals high not only for the team but for the community as a whole.

“[We are] looking to set the tone for the rest of the EA Day activities,” Fifth Former Mason Millard said.

Henry Newhall ’24 lines up a shot in last year’s contest – Communications

Fifth Former Zach Dixon, a core member of the team, has been immersed in the world of Fords water polo, and in the tradition of beating EA since he could swim.

“Last time we beat them 15-5—that was away—so this time at home we’re gonna shut them out,” Dixon said.

To Sixth Formers, this game rests particularly close to their hearts, as it is their final chance to prove themselves to the school. Athletes want to be seen performing at their best, fighting for their school.

“It’s one of my favorite games of the year because we get to play in front of a crowd,” Sixth Form Captain Luke Putter said. “They let the crowd onto the pool deck which is a really unique experience in water polo.” 

“This game means everything to us.”

Ben McDade ’25

It is safe to say that the Fords will be giving it their all on Saturday.

“This game means everything to us,” Fifth Former Ben McDade said.

After years of hard work spent treading water, tirelessly doing drills and dryland, the day has come for Fords water polo to show off their might and prowess in the water. 

Putter cherishes the experience of EA Day and has been anticipating this moment all year.

“It’s just really special because the entire Haverford community gets to come together to support all the athletic teams, and every single person at the school, who’s not a fall athlete, they also get to feel like they’re a part of the athletic community for a day, which is something that I think is really special,” Putter said.